The company Abrasivi Tecno e Utensili S.n.c., was founded in 1997 as a manufacturer of vitrified and resin bond, abrasive specialized on production of polishing stone for mould and sub-finishing of bearings, smoothing and rectification stones with disposable support for the weapon, grinding wheels with stick for rectification of interior and exterior, stick for dressing of diamond grinding wheels.
In 2000, our production and conversion line of coated abrasives was introduced.
In 2008 was born the new 2300 square meters location, thus enabling us to improve the manufaturing area dedicated to conversion service (velcro and foam lamination, discs and rolls cutting, rolls cutting with pre-cut, minirolls cutting and packaging).

In 2012 the production line of flap wheels was introduced, thus enabling to improve the headquarters to 4000 square meters.
Abrasivi Tecno e Utensili’s entrepreneurial initiative has made possible the growth of the brand name as a fixed point on the abrasives field.
His presence in the global market is still growing thanks to both obtaining in 2016 the ISO:9001/2015 certification and to the constant growth in the completion and improvement of the services offered and the introduction of tool and diamond production together with other partners.

Research and development, production flexibility and technology represent the capacity of creating and customizing, in an industrial way, every kind of product (bonded abrasives and coated abrasives) and packaging, always meeting customers’ needs.

The entire production process follows all the rules of ISO:9001/2015, respecting delivery terms and the constant quality of the products.