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The current Abrasivi Tecno was born at the end of the 90s, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of the two founding partners Claudio Favalli and Romano Sebastiano who, in a province and in an area particularly active in industrial, mechanical and metal processing (and not only) and after a long experience gained in the field, they feel the need to propose a problem solving approach in favor of a gradually expanding industrial sector, designing, producing and marketing rigid abrasive solutions, intended for the main processing sectors and transformation.

Today Abrasivi Tecno, led by the two founding partners and their sons, is a recognized reality on the market for the production of customized abrasive solutions, capable of optimizing the machining cycles and grinding operations of its customers.

It is an evolving company. Having become a joint stock company in the spring of 2021, it is synonymous with reliability, safety and guarantee for each customer who interfaces with the various company departments, be they production, research and development, sales, customer care and logistics.

In addition to the launch of some important partnerships in the definition phase, in 2021 we have accelerated the digital transformation phase digital transformation that will concern both the production department, from the optimal management of raw materials to the processing and control and scheduling phases of the programming and both the commercial and partnership area, also through the activation of a dedicated APP and new related services.

ISO: 9001/2015 Certification

As a further confirmation of this step that certifies its evolution, we have obtained the ISO: 9001/2015 Certification, which provides for a scrupulous production process, in compliance with specific standards and criteria, including delivery terms and constant product quality, thanks also to the guarantee certificate attesting the final testing of the product.

New solutions and innovations

The idea of enhancing the brand lays its foundations in a constant exchange of information and resources, to find new solutions and innovations, the benefits of which fall positively on the Customers / Partners who have placed their trust in us for years.

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    Progettiamo e realizziamo dal 1997, soluzioni abrasive su misura (pietre, mole, settori), in relazione al tuo ciclo di lavorazione (levigatura, asportazione, sbavatura, rettifica, affilatura e ravvivatura)



    +39 030 9980734

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