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The Value of the Optimus system

The customized product we design goes beyond the “recipe” and beyond the concept of functionality. Its main purpose is to give our partner tranquillity.

For our company it means products conceived, designed and created internally for each individual company.

Phases in some cases more laborious than those of “standard” products, but because they are aimed at making a product more efficient.

Therefore, abrasive solutions suitable to satisfy the requests of that specific customer and therefore capable of reducing risks and costs to a minimum, improving productivity.

A process possible and now improved thanks to the pre-established phases and timing, according to the Optimus Proprietary Systemo Optimus.

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Why a customized production?

The request for “customized abrasive solutions” by our customers, that is adaptable to their own internal processing cycle, arises from the need to simplify and improve their work.
of a process aimed at solving a problem, simplifying the work.


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Custom abrasive solutions.

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Custom abrasive solutions.

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They are requests that find a solution, if they arise from a constructive and professional comparison.
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    We have been designing and manufacturing customized abrasive solutions since 1997 (stones, wheels, sectors), in relation to your processing cycle (smoothing, stock removal, deburring, grinding, sharpening and dressing)



    +39 030 9980734

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