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Focus: improving the quality of work

Need / Requirement – Idea – Feasibility Analysis – Technical Design – Finished Product (Solution)

Abrasivi su misura Abrasivi Tecno

Helping to satisfy a need, solving a specific problem thus facilitating the work of our customers, through a personalized design, is our daily focus.
Seeing the customer’s satisfaction with the result achieved is gratifying. It means having gone far beyond the functionality of the product itself.

This is why we often face real challenges in terms of abrasive products alongside our customers. The trust received over the years leads us to receive requests that are sometimes complicated, sometimes complex, but which we face together with professionalism.

Recently, a customer in the weapons sector made us a specific request: to improve the performance of the abrasive stone again and reduce processing times.

Athos, head of the technical and design office, has thus designed a new metal support / base and a new rectangular abrasive stone, which will now be fixed by mechanical locking, thus avoiding a manual passage, which now involves a precious saving of time and optimal grinding of shotgun barrels.

Progettiamo e realizziamo dal 1997, soluzioni abrasive su misura (pietre, mole, settori), in relazione al tuo ciclo di lavorazione (levigatura, asportazione, sbavatura, rettifica, affilatura e ravvivatura)



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