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Flexible Abrasives

In this section, the abrasive products falling within the “flexible” category are available and for each range, the technical specifications are shown (in a handy pdf) including: grain size, abrasive minerals used, weight (paper or cloth), disc diameter, strip sizes, assortment of papers, canvases, films, sectors of application and formats.

Furthermore, within each range, several product variants are available, presented individually in detail. Typical processes in the wood, paint, glass, metal and plastic, bodywork and leather sectors.

Typical processing

Wood, paints, glass, metals and plastics, bodywork and leather.


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Tele Papers and Abrasive Films

This type of abrasive products are made on supports available in a wide range, and differ according to their properties such as resistance, flexibility and surface quality and are selected, in a personalized way, to guarantee the finished product the expected technical characteristics. For their production, as abrasive minerals, we use: corundum, zirconium, silicon carbide, ceramic abrasive with micro crystal structure. The main operations of use, based on the granulometric scale, are: large, medium and light removal, base preparation, finishing, polishing and super polishing removal.

Mono / Bi Lamellar

We recommend the double flap discs for roughing work, therefore the combination with the coarser cloth grits becomes excellent. The single flap discs, on the other hand, facilitate less rapid roughing, but allow them to be used for greater finishing.

The abrasive minerals used are: corundum (when required a processing speed on bronze, aluminum, cast iron, iron and steel) – zirconium (offers long life in burrs on stainless steel and high strength) – silicon carbide (the hardest and sharper, for a strong removal therefore used on hard materials such as ceramics, glass, stones, brass, bronze, aluminum, titanium).


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Flap wheels

Our flap wheel has proved to be excellent, particularly in the industrial sector. The experience in the various sectors has allowed us to achieve a good level of processing of the radial abrasive cloth, thanks to technologically advanced systems and a certification of quality and safety in use. In fact, every single product can be traced thanks to a certificate of suitability which contains all the test data and the production lot. Professional uses range from roughing to finishing ferrous materials. Particularly effective is its use in the industrial sector, a sector in which a specific quality standard is required.

Cutting and grinding discs

These discs are produced with first choice materials to ensure a long duration in the removal phase and a constant precision in the cut. They are designed for a particularly demanding clientele and give their best at high speeds. They are suitable for machining stainless steel, hard metals, ferrous and non-ferrous materials.


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Fiber discs

They are vulcanized fiber discs, ideal for metal deburring and anti-rust treatments. Very resistant to heat and humidity thanks to the phenolic resins used.

Particularly suitable for bodywork, sheet metal working, carpentry, etc.

Abrasive Cloth

Non-woven fabric, composed of nylon fibers impregnated with synthetic resins and abrasive grains, ideal for finishing, polishing and cleaning metals in general. It adapts perfectly to the parts to be machined. With a minimum removal it is suitable for finishing, therefore it does not significantly modify the structure of the machined parts.


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Rings and expanders

Abrasive rings are suitable for the following types of machining: grinding and deburring of metals, machining of surfaces, edges and weld seams. The centrifugal expansion ring holders, necessary for the use of abrasive rings and cones, are mounted on portable machines with flexible shaft.

Blocchi Levigatori

Abrasive sponges are ideal for manual processing and are great for finishing hard-to-reach places. Suitable for sanding on wood and metal. They are water resistant.


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