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The surface grinding

CATEGORY Surface grinding The surface grinding (or tangential grinding) intervenes on all those operations which concern flat surfaces and which vary in thickness. In the case of vertical grinding, the abrasive wheel works on the edge, thus being able to work even on more complex products such as gears. In this case the abrasive wheels […]

Abrasive wheels for external grinding

CATEGORY External Grinding With external grinding, abrasion is carried out thanks to an abrasive wheel, which removes residues and excess materials, thus favoring a better finish of the machined surface. In the case of external cylindrical grinding, we act on hydraulic shafts or cylinders, screws. A typical operation of external grinding is the so-called “shoulder” […]

Abrasive wheels for internal grinding

category Internal grinding ternal grinding, for example in the case of cylinders or bearings, is a rather complex type of processing, which can also include an anti-seizing and polishing treatment, as it is essential to obtain a perfect regularity of the internal surface. Initial screening is a fundamental step that significantly reduces some risksand favors […]

Grinding wheels for centerless grinding

CATEGORY Centerless grinding With “centerless grinding” high precision machining is possible, even on small cylinders. .The grinding wheels are used to remove material from the surface and are customizable, based on the type of processing required and the type of materials in which the article is built. They are used together with the driving rollers […]

Abrasive wheels for tool sharpening

CATEGORY Tool sharpening The sharpening of the tools is part of the grinding operations, and has the purpose of eliminating residues (metal or wood shavings) in order to ensure a re-sharpening, thus restoring the cutting effectiveness of the tools, now worn by use This type of wheel can be made in widely used shapes (disc, […]

Abrasive wheels for bench grinders

CATEGORY Bench grinders Grinding wheels, whether they are bench or mobile, are rather practical and therefore well-known working tools, as they are also used artisanal. In fact, their use is manifold. Grinding, cutting, roughing, sharpening points and blades and deburring edges are the typical finishing operations of this tool. The main feature of the abrasive […]

Smooth stem cylindrical grinding wheels

Category Mounted abrasive wheels Mounted abrasive wheels are used for precision work in many industrial sectors, for metalworking. The main uses are: smoothing edges, polishing metals, deburring or repairing welds. However, when the desired result goes well beyond the minimum functional threshold, looking for an excellent result, it is essential to carefully design its structure, […]

Standard type hand abrasive files

CATEGORY Standard hand files Thanks to their hardness and wear resistance, hand abrasive files have the purpose of sharpening, retouching and removing burrs from the wire, various tools and / or surfaces. The final result is to “finish” and give regularity and linearity, visual and tactile, to the surface of the item being processed. The […]

Abrasive stones for sanding, finishing and super finishing

CATEGORY Sanding, finishing and super-finishing With sanding we are looking for a good finish and refers to the work of removing shavings, using abrasive stones, which gives the tube or hydraulic cylinder an excellent linearity and roundness. Action necessary if then the treated part has to couple in a precise way with other pieces.While the […]

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